kwikwai k110 pro

kwikwai k110 pro

    HMDI-CEC test and investigation tool

    Diagnose your devices CEC chatter Kwikwai's web interface displays and decodes CEC messages exchanged between devices on the HDMI bus. It can also send messages. This allows to discover what messages your devices support, to investigate any proprietary ones, and try control scenarios comfortably. Device manufacturers can of course use kwikwai as an affordable, CEC only HDMI test tool. Decode E-EDID Kwikwai reads and decodes all the information contained in the E-EDID. This includes the HDMI data block, including the sink physical address, as well all the newest 3D related fields. The raw E-EDID is provided as well for copy pasting.

    Features & specifications

    Interfaces:HDMI-CEC to telnet, serial and USB
    Decoding:HDMI-CEC and DDC acquisition, display and decoding from web interface
    APIs:Command line and HTTP-JSON
    HDMI version:Compatible with all HDMI-CEC messages of HDMI v1.4
    AV compatibility:Independent from any video resolutions and audio formats
    Power supply:Through mini usb port
    HDMI topology:2 HDMI connectors to support any topology (does not require a free port)
    Connectors and ports:2x HDMI, 1x RS232 DB9, 1x Ethernet port (RJ-45) and 1x mini USB port (communication and power supply)
    LED:3 LEDs status (CEC data, IP, Power)
    Reset:1 reset button
    Power consumption:0.75 W (approx.)
    Dimensions:H x W x L 49 x 68 x 111 mm (1.9 x 2.7 x 4.4 in) (approx.)
    Weight:230g (0.5 lb) (approx.)
    Controller:HDMI CEC AV controller

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    kwikwai k110

    On top of the bridge model, the k110 is able to detect CEC messages or HPD & 5V state changes, and react by sending serial commands,...